Filip Xu

The Practice of Filip Xu, an Art Director based in Stockholm, Sweden

Bronco Dare to Go WILDER

Unexplored terrains and the excitement to discover what’s truly out there in the wild. 
Something not many has been able to do again with the urban lives they live once growing up.

We want to change that and show what you can truly dare to do again off the beaten path.
Together, our film tells the story of freedom recaptured by the daring and playfulness of the Bronco. 

*Since the first week of the Ford Bronco Campaign Launch in China have we been able to successfully sell more than 15 000 Bronco cars, with 10% of them being the Everglade model, the most expensive model out of the four Broncos.
– Progression and  more work can be viewed

My Role:
Visual Design &  Art Direction, was in the process from the beginning to end.  

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