Filip Xu

The Practice of Filip Xu, Art Director, Designer and Photographer – New Work April ‘24

Growing up in a restaurant as a child to immigrant parents, I was always the one on the phone to pay the bills, ring up the doctor, and fight the telemarketer. 
I was the bridge between my household and an unfamiliar society. 
I developed the patience of an observer, and the empathy of a designer to move and mitigate between the needs and wants of both sides. 
I learned to understand the language of expression from drastically different points of views. I developed my own rhythm of understanding and interpreting the common emotions that we share, and the vastly different ways that they are expressed.
As an Art Director I balance my voice in the forms of interactive design, innovation, conceptual ideas, writing, visual imagery, and spatial experience to craft stories of endearing similarities and benevolent differences.

    WeChat: Filiphong
    Phone: +46 (0) 707798828 / +86 18657857710

 Wieden + Kennedy: Freelance Designer/ Creative
    2023 – Present (Clients: Ford, Lincoln and Hennessy)

    SEB Bank: Art Director 
    Vuxenpoäng 2023 

    Accenture Song: Art Director Intern
    OKQ8, SJ, Electrolux, Bank client 

    APE_CC: Art Director Intern
    Woolpower, Agency Merch
    River, The Agency: Creative Intern 
    AIK, Nike, SNS, and Klarna
    Cannes Future Lions 2023: Shortlist

    Applied Arts Mag. Awards 2023: Winner

    Golden Award Montreux 2023: Finalist

    One Show Young Ones 2022: Gold Pencil

    Berghs School of Communication: Art Direction/Copywriting  
What got me started: 
   P&G ‘Thank You, Mom.’

( Resume and References Available on Request )

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