Filip Xu

The Practice of Filip Xu, an Art Director based in Stockholm, Sweden

SEB Säkra Dina Vuxenpoäng 

Create financially educational content for Gen–Z in a modern way (18 - 25 Year olds)

The Youth of any generation are not as well served in their personal finances till they have to face reality and handle the situation as harsh it is infront of them, but it goes especially for
this generation.

Doing something responsible out of the ordinary of a 20-something year old will always make you look like an ‘grown-up’ in other people’s eyes.

Get your Grown-up points! Introducing the hot topic(s) of personal finance in four different short movies in a modern style all the Gen–Z knows of. In many people’s eyes, classics. Timeless and modern for generations to come. Now on SEB’s website.

Created together with the Award-winning production Agency New–Land.

SEB Brand Creatives:

Creative Director: Mathias Appelblad
Design Director: Johan Fredriksson
Project Manager: Claudia Lundemo

Copywriter: Julia Eriksson
Art Director: Filip Xu

Executive Producer: Erik Amberntsson
Director: Felix Scheynius
DoP: Hugo Otto Vallin

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