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The Practice of Filip Xu, an Art Director based in Stockholm, Sweden

Spotify Dream Mode 

Showcase that Spotify is adding an Audiobooks feature to their innovative platform.

Spotify strives to put the listening experience above all. In world fileld with notifications popping up we are easily distracted. Especially, when we try to fall asleep. For this, you need technical solutions to rid any unwanted distractions.

According to the journal of clinical sleep medicine 96% of young adults use a smart device in their last hour awake, and 70 % of them use audio as a sleep aid.

We created an innovative setting around an improved sleep timer capable of detecting when the user is asleep and pause accordingly. Audiobooks that pause when you start sleep

One Show Young Ones 2022: Gold Pencil

Dream team:

Art Director
Christopher Runström
Filip Xu

Adam Lundgren
Elias Karlsson

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