Filip Xu

The Practice of Filip Xu, an Art Director based in Stockholm, Sweden

The Family Font. 

Created during my free time and for type stipends.  
The Uppercase and lowercase typefaces are together called a Font Family. The use of both typefaces are separately when used. As for a Family there’s a certain bond.  A feeling you just know and as a family you should be able to be together. Literally and figuratively just like in the name. 

By combining the type appearances of the uppercase and lowercase, together showcase the whole family as one. The Family Font is a typeface which will show on inclusion and perspective on how it can be communicated for things that matter to us. 
A family. It can be seen in different for different people. 
The feeling of togetherness. By welding the lowercase merged together with the uppercase typeface create a unique yet subtle font family which you can display for all to see.
A custom typeface designed to be together.

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